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Seven of the best small


Seven of the best small

I can think of at least three large cupboards in my house which are filled with junk and stuff I/we no longer need that somehow six months of staying indoors with everyone crying out for more space hasn’t managed to solve.
There are others who say that there’s no such thing as a house that’s too small just a family with too much stuff and while I wouldn’t agree with that wholeheartedly there’s certainly an element of truth. So how do you get the storage right?
First up, own your foibles. Are you a declutterer safe in the knowledge that their house contains only what they need or a hoarder?

01. Points To Consider When Buying Storage:

Tall and thin takes up less floor space than short and wide – yes I know that’s obvious but in a room with a large low bed/sofa/bath something that adds height can be a good decorative choice. You can always put two or three next to each other.

02. Points To Consider When Buying Storage:

Reeded glass may be currently fashionable but it also masks what’s inside while giving the appearance of lightness so your cupboard won’t dominate the room. While vintage is great, check inside wardrobes as they often have a series of hooks not rails and might be too narrow for a modern hanger. That said if you add shelves they make attractive kitchen storage.

To Sum Up

We use only modern materials, ecological wood and the last building methods in our projects. A lot of projects around the world and in difficult places. Get ready to use practice solution in the stylish.
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